Staff Hiring Season

It is that time of year again – staff hiring season!  Many camps were unable to open in 2020 due to the pandemic and are hard at work creating their COVID plans for summer 2021.  As you brainstorm how to keep your campers and staff safe this summer, why not take a look at Vital Camps?  This is staff training done online that can help you get the most of your pre-season time with your staff while teaching them the nuts and bolts of your program in a safe and efficient way!

If you are anything like me, historically, a lot of your staff training is spent standing in front of your staff, in a large indoor space, teaching them all the nitty gritty stuff they need to know about how camp functions!  Things like the daily schedule, camp plumbing, behavior issues, etc. are all topics that they need to know before the campers arrive.  With the continued uncertainty of where our world will be in 6 months’ time, with the opening of camp on the horizon, wouldn’t you feel better if you could get all this information to your staff, and QUIZ them on it, prior to their arrival?  Why worry about how to social distance during this part of your training?

Yes, staff may be “Zoomed” out or just plain tired of working on their computers.  The nice thing about Vital Camps is the accessibility – computer, tablet, or phone – that it offers to your staff.  There is no time limit for them to read your training materials and take the quizzes unless you set one.  Vital Camps puts YOUR training materials into an easy-to-use format, allowing your staff to browse when they have the time.  There are photos of YOUR camp, YOUR videos can be embedded, and YOUR words are used.

In an age where being together is so needed and critical, yet somewhat uncomfortable for some, why not give this gift to yourself and your staff and train them before they arrive?  This way, when you are all together, outside, you can spend the time teaching them about how to be the best counselors they can be!  I cannot think of a “better” time than NOW to utilize Vital Camps for my staff training – who’s with me???

-Kris Ebner Martin

Vital Camps/Ebner Camps, Inc.

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