08 Aug: English learners in regular English classes

Imagine trying to learn a task – any task. If you’re completely new to the task, you’re going to start with a book on the basics, or you’re going to take a class on Task 101. You’re not going to start with a graduate-level course or a book that assumes you’ve been doing the task for years. Learning a language is the same thing.

08 Aug: Supporting Advanced-Level English Learners

All teaching staff need to understand that it takes 5-7 years of full immersion in an English-speaking school environment to develop full academic language proficiency. Unless students have done significant academic work in English before they arrive at your school, they will – at the very least – need support with language that is only used in the classroom.

08 Aug: The Vital Camper program

One of the greatest aspects of VITAL CAMPS as a whole, and particularly for this module, is the ability to track who has read the information provided. Your dashboard will track the camper families and you will be able to see who has seen/read the information and who has not.

08 Aug: Online Staff Training

The Vital Camps platform is YOUR information – everything on there is what you want your staff to know and learn about YOUR camp and YOUR program! One of the greatest uses I find is teaching the staff the “hard skills” of safety compliance – things like behavior management, mandated reporting, and others.