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International staff – a blessing and a “curse”, am I right?!  They add so much to our camp programs by bringing in cultural aspects from their home countries to share with our campers and domestic staff.  They also require more information about travel, local area and currency, and what to expect from working with children.  How do you impart all this information to them without having to send multiple, individual emails?  VITAL CAMPS is the answer!

The VITAL CAMPS training platform can customize this information to your specific needs and instructions.  I utilize multiple chapters of my online training program specifically for international staff members.  One chapter deals specifically with travel to and from camp – where to fly in to, how to get through customs, where to collect luggage, how to get to camp from the airport, and much more.  One chapter talks about our local area and proximity to large cities like New York and Boston, U.S. currency, U.S. voltage (for their chargers, etc.), where to shop (and find great discounts, like Wal-Mart), what our local attractions are, terms for everyday items that may differ from their home countries, and language that is unique to our area. (think NY or MA accents!)  A third chapter deals specifically with the nature of our clientele – where they come from, the differences between U.S. children and others around the world, and how to communicate with them.

What’s great about having all this information in our VITAL CAMPS training platform?  International staff can access the information from any piece of technology – phone, tablet, laptop.  They can access it anytime, anywhere.  What if they get confused about the customs process while on the plane?  Or when they arrive at the airport?  They can log in to their account and review that section of the travel chapter!  No need to worry or get stressed!  They don’t have to go searching back through multiple emails from camp that may have come in months before!  It’s kind of like one stop shopping!

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your international staff arrive at camp ready to learn, and not be stressed about their travel experience?  Or wondering where they are?  Or being worried about what to do or where to go on their time off?  YOUR information in your VITAL CAMPS platform can alleviate ALL of those worries for your international staff.  What a gift you can give them by giving them all this information in one place!

Ready to sign up?  Contact Thomas at VITAL CAMPS today to make your international 2021 staff the happiest ones ever!

Yours in Camping,

Kris Ebner Martin

Ebner Camps, Inc./Vital Camps

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