Train Your Staff Before They Arrive - With Vital Camps

I’ve been doing this a long time; and I can say our LITs have never been so well prepared, had such good questions and been so ready to start work as after implementing Vital Camps online training.

John Tilley
Executive Director
YMCA Camp Coniston
New Hampshire
Overnight Co-ed

Vital Camps allowed us to teach our staff all the hard skills online before camp and focus on the soft skills during our face to face training. It really helped our staff arrive well-prepared.

Laurie Epstein
Executive Manager
Camp Zeke
Overnight co-ed

Vital Camps has been a lifesaver for us! It saves so much time with our in-person training. They are an essential part of our program now and we can’t imagine going through a summer without them!

Alyssa Pecorino
Executive Director
Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck
New York
Special Needs




YMCA Camp Frank A. Day has been providing staff training and camper information in a traditional PDF format for years, emailed prior to arrival.

They were interested in both making the content more engaging and interactive, as well as tracking counselor and parent study progress.

Being able to focus on training counselors to teach campers during Orientation, not going through rules and regulations, was also seen as a benefit.


Counselors studied a 7-chapter online Orientation before arrival. The Vital Counselor Orientation covered everything from arrival in the US, transfer to camp, camp mission to an extensive overview of rules and activities at camp. Counselors had to pass a quiz after each chapter.

97% of counselors studied the Orientation before arriving at camp and 95% of parents went through the Vital Camper Orientation.

100% of parents found the Orientation either Helpful or Very Helpful.


In a world where companies and individuals promise much, but deliver little, Vital Camps truly stands out! Vital Camps met all of our expectations regarding design quality , brand customization, usability and timeframe for completion.

On top of that, Thomas is friendly, professional, responsive and just plain nice to work with.

The product i s a lso very affordable, especially when you consider the high level of quality and service that they provide to your staff, campers and families!

Stephan Lockney
Resident Camp Director



Camp T has been providing staff training and camper information in a traditional PDF format for years, emailed prior to arrival.

Camp T requires staff to go through extensive training before commencement of camp in June.

They were interested in both making the content more engaging and interactive, tracking staff study progress and knowing what staff know before arriving at camp, by having them
pass online tests.


Vital Camps created six comprehensive online handbooks for staff to complete before arriving at camp.

The handbooks covered everything from policies and procedures to emergency action plans and staff evaluation. They also included extensive test to indicate knowledge comprehension.

100% of staff activated their online handbooks and 83% completed all chapters and passes their tests before arriving at camp.


Camp T has always struggled with limited resources and time to train our staff for each upcoming camp season.

Vital Camps solved that problem with their digital platform. We spent hours in the past reviewing the staff, risk management and camp handbooks. This year Thomas and his staff took our handbooks, broke them into easy online training modules: complete with tests for information retention throughout!

We were able to take our staff training time and focus on more deeper and important instruction and in the end had by far our most prepared staff ever!

Thank you Vital Camps for taking what we thought was an unsolvable problem and fixing it in an affordable way!

Jon Kazanjian
Recreation Coordinator



We used to give our LITs packets every two weeks throughout the summer to read and respond to.

It was hard to track if the information was being received well from them as this was added on top of an already busy schedule.

Giving the information beforehand would help them better prepare for the summer when they had the time to focus.


Vital Camps created a 7-chapter online Orientation based on information provided by Camp Coniston. It included text, images, interactions, videos and tests.

Content covered included A Day In The Life, ideas about camp games, kitchen tips, risk management, youth mental health and lots more.

LITs were given access in May and June, and 100% studied the online Orientation before arriving at camp. LITs reported feeling well prepared and able to reflect on their roles before arriving.


Working with Vital Camps was even greater than promised!

Thomas took the time to understand our desires and built a custom system that met our needs. First-year staff benefited from receiving critical information before training – reporting they felt more prepared and less nervous.

By providing a base foundation of information, Vital Camps led to a robust opening conversation, and set the tone for our week-long training.

Nicole Berthiaume

Vital Campers

Parents always have many questions about their kids’ camp. The Vital Campers online orientation answers these questions in a fun and visually engaging way. All the information is customized and branded to your camp and can also be used as an effective marketing tool.

Through 5 chapters, we let parents know how things work at your camp; from the first day at camp, when to drop off and pick up, visiting times, packing lists and camper behaviour to medication, tipping, birthdays and lots more.

In the video on the left, you can see how Camp Chinqueka customized their Vital Camper Orientation.

Vital Counselors

Ensure your counsellors hit the ground running when they arrive in June. We customize an extensive online Orientation – entirely based on your information.

Over 8 chapters, we help your counsellors fully prepare for life at your camp; from arriving at the airport and Orientation to rules at camp, how to interact with campers and American Culture.

The Orientation is full of fun and interactive activities and videos. At the end of each chapter, counselors complete a quiz, demonstrating they have learned all the content. And the best part – the whole process is managed by Vital Camps, adding zero administration at your end.

In the video on the right, you can see how Camp Chinqueka customized their Online Orientation to make their counselors as well prepared as possible.

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